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Is planning necessary for epic Landscape Photographs?

I am used to plan my photo tours and even my photographs and I really like this whole planning process. But is it really necessary to get out a strong photograph or could it even hinder you to get out a masterpiece?


#1 Planning allows me to think about my options

Planning allows me to think about my options already before I arrive to location. It is not always so easy to get to a photo spot, especially when it is high up in the mountains and you need to hike for hours, steep up a peak. Due to planning I'm able to take exactly that gear and equipment with me I need for my planned photograph.


#2 Be at the right place to the right time

Beeing successful in landscape photography depends on beeing at the right place to the right time. Especially in vista photography, where I have to move kilometers to change my perspective to a mountain or lake, I could find the right place hours after the best light hit my subject.


#3 When I don't plan

I totally love to plan my photo tours, but there are some cases where I don't plan. Especially for waterfall photography, I just plan the weather conditions, I usually don't think about potential compositions in front. This could also work for woodland. And sometimes I also enjoy just to go out with my camera, relax and enjoy the nature. On such days I just photograph what jumps in front of my lens :)


#4 When you shouldn't stick to your plan

One of the most important things about planning is to know, when you should leave your plan. Sometimes there happen things you could never plan. I got some amazing photographs just to reacting to the light. Also if you'd have planned into detail - always keep your eyes open for better options.


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