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Photographing Lake Reflections in Blue Hour

In the nautical twilight the landscape is dunked into awesome blues - although I hoped for reds on that day :)


Due to an injury at my knee I was not able to do longer or steeper hikes, so I picked out a nice place at a lake in the Salzkammergut, what was around 15 minutes from my car.

I found a nice sand bank, where I had vistas in different directions.

I had been happy about a bit of soft light from the left on this composition, to get more plasticity into the scene, but clouds were blocking the light. Finally I'm anyway happy with this image, as it reflects my emotions on that day - not beeing able to walk whereever I want for landscape photography. That's why the image title is "Sober Reflections".


180 degree into the other direction I found one more composition. I was attracted by this vanishing point, the trees repeating into the distance and that hut at the position, where the mountain lines come down. I came back in the blue hour in the morning and got this photograph.



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