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REDUCE STRESS with Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography is the best therapy agains stress for me. There is nothing better than just to be out in the nature, relax, observe everything out there, hear the noises, smell the nature smells, think about compositions a finally to take fantastic photos.


Not your Day?

Do you know these days where nothing seems to work, everything sucks and you don't feel like Superman? I had a really bad start into the morning, because I overslept and wasn't able to go for my originally planned photograph in the early morning with fog. As I arrived, all the mist raised already and I just wanted to enjoy a wonderful hiking day.


Landscape Photography brought me up

It took me not all too long - I came to a fantastiv vantage point, where I saw immediately a rough composition. I took a test shot with my phone and was really happy with it. But then I found an amazing foreground - awesome structures in the rocks, what pulls the viewer into the frame. I felt how the energy began to flow ;)


What an Amazing Day!

I wandered around, found some beautiful places and tried some compositions and made a couple of test shots. The conditions were amazing - low clouds, but just a thin layer, so the sun always broke through gaps. I felt so relaxed...


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Landscape Photographer & Photography Artist

Generations after Gustav Klimt

"Reality is boring, there exists already enough outside of my images."

Christian Irmler - great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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