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FineArt Prints - Architecture & Cityscape Photography
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FineArt Prints - Architecture & Cityscape Photography FineArt Prints - Architecture & Cityscape Photography
Title:     Nearly Arrested on Piazza San Marco
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For this photo i got nearly arrested :)

I scouted this place before dinner and knew exactly, when the last sun beams would hide. I went with my wife to a restaurant for dinner and planned to be back 30min before that, to have enough time to set up everything perfect. Dinner endet as planned, so i had enough time - I thought.

But as I tried to pay in the restaurant with the three days before new appeared 100 euro note, which I got direct from my bank, it happend: The boss of the restaurant told me, that my 100 euro note were fake and couldn't be accepted. I had my bank card left in the hotel safe and no other money with me, so I had no possibility to pay. I tried to explain about the new appeared notes, but they just told me that the fake-checker-machine doesn't accept it.

As it got already 20min before the sun got hidden, I told them, that this was my last evening in Venice and I had to take that photo now. But they gave me just the choice: Either I go into a shop and buy something with the note, to wash it and pay with the change, or they will call the police. As I thought, the police will also be not happy, that the machine doesn't accept my note and I had no time for further discusses, the waiter brought me to a little supermarket and i "washed" the note with buying some bottles of mineral water :)

Then I ran as fast as possible to my location. As i looked at my watch last time on the final way to location, it showed already just 2min remaining! I set up my tripod, my wife threw my filters and cable relaise to me, I had no time to clean my lens and filters. I just calculated the exposure time, set up, focussed and did the click. It was an 8 second exposure - no time for more. After the 6th second the sun beams disappeared already - during my exposure. I can't believe, that i finally really got it.

The composition is not perfect, i had need some more minutes to adjust everything perfect, but i'm really happy with the result because of the situation before. This was the fastes planned photo I ever took in my whole live - and definitely with the highest pulse ;)

Photopgrapher: Christian Irmler - great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)

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  • Non reflective
  • 85+ years light stability and colour correctness!

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-) Print is unmounted and not framed (for better transport)
-) Because of technical reasons, the brightness and the colours that you see on your screen will be different at the print

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The price doesn't contain any customs and taxes, which could occur due the import into your country.

FineArt Prints - Architecture & Cityscape Photography


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"For me photography is a modern way of art, to interpret the environment, but especially to convey emotions."

Christian Irmler - great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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