FineArt Prints Landscape: Sea & Coast - Austria

FineArt Prints Landscape: Sea & Coast - Austria
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FineArt Prints Landscape: Sea & Coast - Austria
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FineArt Prints Landscape: Sea & Coast - Austria FineArt Prints Landscape: Sea & Coast - Austria
Title:     Snake Castle
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Many thanks to my wife, which supported me massively to get this image!

To get to this location, you can either walk through a pine forest or along a rocky shore, which borders to that same pine forest. The problem: In this area live so many poisonous snakes, also the most poisonous one of Europe. No problem during the day, where noises chase them into their nests. But to get this blue hour shot in the early morning, I had to walk there in the darkest night, an hour before the dusk began. And as these snakes are night active, I felt not well at the thought, walking there at this day time.

To take the shot at the evening blue hour was no option, because the light came from the wrong direction at that day time. Finally my wife found a third option to get there, by wading at the other side of the pines through the knee deep sea. I checked the tides, to get sure, that the water will not be deeper in the night, tried to walk there by day to find difficult places and finally this was really the solution.
Yes, it felt strange to walk through the knee deep sea in the darkest night with my heavy equipment, while seeing just a few meters through my torch, as there were neighter street lights nor moon light, but it felt much better than walking beside poisonous snakes in the woods.

This is what I love so much at landscape photography: Each photograph is an adventure. Again: Thank you Barbara!

Photopgrapher: Christian Irmler - great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)

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-) Because of technical reasons, the brightness and the colours that you see on your screen will be different at the print

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The price doesn't contain any customs and taxes, which could occur due the import into your country.

FineArt Prints Landscape: Sea & Coast - Austria


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Christian Irmler - great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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