FineArt Prints Landscape: Mountains & Vistas - Austria

FineArt Prints Landscape: Mountains & Vistas - Austria
Landscape Photographer & Artist
FineArt Prints Landscape: Mountains & Vistas - Austria
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FineArt Prints Landscape: Mountains & Vistas - Austria FineArt Prints Landscape: Mountains & Vistas - Austria
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For a landscape photographer there could be nothing more annoying than having clear sky, empty trees and if they are even overlapping the ridge lines of a mountain, we can talk about the photographic worst-case scenario. Now, this image contains all these things and to be honest, when I was out on location, I was not sure if the composition would work in the end, because of that.

But when I was sitting then in my office, holding this print in my hands, for hard proofing and to think about how it had been possible to get a better composition, I realized, that I really got out already the best possible one.
I absolutely love the hoar frost on the branches, giving a nice definition at the closer trees and this leads also into a fantastic sense of depth. The little stones in the shallow water at the leftern side painted nice curves into the water, which increases even the sense of depth of the image. The reason why this image works is ultimately that I made the right compromises with the overlapping trees and also the subtle light from the sky, that got reflected in the water, building a tranquil balance to the heavy leftern side. The subtle mist in the distance doesn't only draw the viewer's eyes back to the vanishing point, it also adds to the mood and supports the story.

The mountain at the leftern side is called "Raspberry Rock". This fact combined with the frosty weather and the light brought me to the image title - Raspberry Frost.

To find out how I took this photo, watch this video:

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Photopgrapher: Christian Irmler - great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)

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FineArt Prints Landscape: Mountains & Vistas - Austria


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"Reality is boring, there exists already enough outside of my images."

Christian Irmler - great-great grandnephew of Gustav Klimt (6th degree)


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